A Blend of Grime, Horrorcore, and Psychedelic Hip Hop

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Micphone: A Raw and Edgy Music Video by Dyllan Elijah

Dyllan Elijah, the talented rapper hailing from Fort Worth, Texas, recently released a music video for his hit song “Micphone”, filmed and edited by his closest friend, Cypher the Avatar. The video showcases Dyllan Elijah’s unique style, catchy lyrics, and symbolizes the essence of his rap group, OOTO (Out of the Ordinary).

The video was shot outside of a music venue in Houston, Texas, called Super Happy Fun Land, where Dyllan Elijah is seen rapping on top of a graffiti-covered school bus. The visuals range from trippy, psychedelic effects to choppy, close-up shots of Dyllan’s hand movements that grab the viewer’s attention and reveal the powerful message behind the lyrics.

The lyrics in “Micphone” are aggressive and raw, with a lot of metaphors, punchlines, and multiple rhyme schemes. Dyllan Elijah’s vocal delivery is equally dynamic, with the rhythm speedily shifting up and down, perfectly complementing the production’s aggressive tone.

The video’s imagery is equally compelling, showcasing Dyllan Elijah’s fearless personality and love for streetwear. The rapper is seen wearing a Public Enemy T-shirt with black, white, and magenta tie-dye jeans that he made himself. This sartorial choice adds a unique touch to the video, making it stand out from other generic rap videos.

One of the standout lines in “Micphone” is, “I’m Tom Green with a fucking horse head,” encapsulating Dyllan Elijah’s wit and spontaneity. His delivery of these lyrics is powerful and adds to the song’s overall strong symbolism.

Overall, “Micphone” is a refreshing taste of real conscious hip hop, breaking away from the cookie-cutter rap scene and showcasing Dyllan Elijah’s originality and unique talent. The music video captures the passion and energy of the rap group OOTO, and showcases the powerful message behind their music. The video is a must-watch for any fan of underground and raw hip-hop music, and we can’t wait to see what Dyllan Elijah and his crew will bring next.

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