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Perfect Movie Music,  Car Pursuit music between Ford Mustang Fastback V8 GT390 1968 and Dodge Charger.  These movie scenes come alive with this perfect movie music.   Described as EDM Pop Music perfect for these muscle car scenes.

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This music was produced by Basile ESCOFFIER & Philip STEVENSON and the movie clip is based on extracts from the unforgettable “BULLITT” 1968 Warner Bros Film starring the Giant Steve McQUEEN.
Hope you will enjoy our Music on this 02:34 mn extract from the 10mn amazing Car Pursuit between Ford Mustang Fastback V8 GT390 1968 and Dodge Charger 1968.
Please check out Philip STEVENSON and Basile ESCOFFIER Music Production in the following links and don’t hesitate to contact us for new challenges and ask for Music Production :
Philip STEVENSON : https://www.phst-music.com
Basile ESCOFFIER : https://basileescoffier.bandcamp.com/

Music Copyright :
SACEM Code ISWC : T-301.290.788-5

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About the Channels author:

Philip STEVENSON is an Award-winning Songwriter, Music Producer, Musician. After being a classical musician (piano and music theory), he quickly moved to the compositions of pop music and Jazz Rock Music. At the age of 17, he was already employed as a keyboardist for Studio Recording Sessions. Having played with many Pop, Rock, Soul, Jazz Rock, Jazz Fusion musicians in different musical groups, he has a great experience of live music, improvisation and composition. Philip STEVENSON has a catalogue of songs and aims to work with Major Record Companies, Publishing Companies and high-level Artists. His main skills are: creativity, versatility, great communication, speed of performance, singer. In November 2019, Philip STEVENSON launched the Ananke Records label.

Great Movie Music

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