Panoramic Performer Domier The Dragon

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This rising artist has hit the Rap Music Scene with pure force and power behind his music.

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Listen to this new Rap Music, with a strong Hip Hop feel by a Christian Music Artist.

Independent Music Artist
Name: Domier The Dragon  @DomierTheDragon
Song: Panoramic (Single)
Genre: Hip Hop / Rap / Christian

Great verses

This Performer is:

Domier The Dragon
An Active Duty Military rapper (Navy) from Wisconsin.

From the Artist about the music:

Panoramic is my 3rd single after deciding I was gonna take this hobby and elevate it to a side hustle and be as professional as I could as an independent artist. One thing I’ve learned over the years and 100s of songs I’ve made in the past is you must make music for yourself. This song is a Proof-of-concept song.

This is me taking a step back and admiring what I can do lyrically. My personal verification song if any of that make since. I know when I start working with other professionals and improving my quality and getting help on those weakness, like mixing, mastering or even singing. I could make a real hit record. This Music is also a benchmark song “A bar” in which I must strive to beat on future verses and music. This is the perfect song for me to build off. The future looks bright, and I’m excited about the next steps/milestones.

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