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Here is a new Release watch it now and be fully entertained.

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Song Description: How did the song come about? This song came into existence while I was at my home studio; right after I had called my woman to come over. I wrote the song to express how I was madly in love with her. I was thinking like Woow! “This woman is always there for me; she never gives me any excuses whenever I wanna see her.” Based on how I was feeling THAT NIGHT, I recorded a demo for this song.

This is a lovely song written in a special way to inspire the number one lady in my life.

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About the Artist:

Artist: Black MP Well

Genre Hip Hop / Hip Pop


Miami, FL based singer-songwriter Black MP Well is very versatile with enormous talents in the music industry. He is so passionate about his craft and specializes in genres such as Afro Music, Hip pop and World music. He has a unique style of singing in English, Creole and Spanish. As a young boy, his musical talent was discovered by friends in Haiti who had invited him to be a part of a music group.

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