Moonchild by Artist Yeslah

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Moonchild from Album Period Peace

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In this music video a girl goes on a mystical journey through the worlds of her imagination, culminating in the adventure foretold in the film The Never-ending Story. Here, Yeslah, a Holographic rap artist is shown as an animation singing to her own imagined super-powered self in the sky, eventually rocketing off to the heights of her own inner strength, while all the while lasers fly and amazing visuals sustain Yeslah in her journey.

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Music Artist Bio –

Female Artist – Yeslah

From a dark fantasy world, comes the first artist born in a comic strip. Yeslah is the Rap-Witch Queen, hell-bent on summoning the return of the female power, and to every female, her power.
She’s always animated, usually loud, and champions love and femininity in the face of the patriarchy.


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