If Love Was Enough by Mendez Machin

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This amazing music is created by Mendez Machin, the performer states “It is about perseverance in love”.   This Latin under theme hip hop has such a modern feel.

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IF LOVE WAS ENOUGH (Si el amor fue suficiente – 永遠の愛) Written and performed by Mendez Machin Copyright © 2018 Mendez Machin.

This music is a joining or merger if you will of hip hop and Latin Music. If you enjoy music from Benny Blanco, or music from DJ Khaled you should really enjoy this music.

Great modern Hip Hop with a Latin undertone.
si el amor fue suficiente

Hip Hop

Latin Music

New release


This music is great for those who love

Music like Lil Nas X, Lizzo

Music like Iggy Azalea

Music like DJ Khaled

Music like Camila Cabello

Music like Benny Blanco

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