A Walk by the Artist Philipp Otte

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FIN – is an austrian based solo artist who aims to produce music with no boundarys.
This track is a reinterpretation of “A walk” by Tycho – as a tribute and as a loveletter.
The video is full of beautiful shots of nature, to underline the feeling of being free.

This Music Piece: A Walk

This is a tribute piece: A Walk by Tycho

Music Artist information:

Country of Birth:  Austria-Hungary

WHO IS FIN? FIN is a new Solo-Artist and Project of Austrian Artist Philipp Otte, who in the past successfully established his other Soloproject “Møuntain” into a full Band, gaining a strong following in the Postrock Scene, with dozens of live Shows and two successfull Records “Evolve” and “Our Engines Stall”
He also worked on several different musical Projects and has now felt the urge to create another – different – musical Entity with “FIN”


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